Pomerleau, announced a brand unification, created by the creative agency Sid Lee, aligned with its vision to not only create infrastructure and erect buildings but also build communities.

It includes a revitalized positioning, website, annual reporting, and on-site signage to increase emphasis on Pomerleau’s dedication to collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. With these pillars at its forefront, Pomerleau will continue creating spaces that serve Canadians for generations to come.

“Being worthy of trust, acting responsibly, excelling in planning and having constructive relationships with our ecosystem are all ways we can participate positively in the economy and in developing our communities. We wanted our brand to express this commitment,” stated Pierre Pomerleau, president & CEO.

The company recently launched the aXLab, an innovation lab dedicated to accelerating the development of new technologies, equipment, and processes to be deployed on construction sites across the country. According to the company, against the backdrop of the economic relaunch, there is an urgent need to design innovative buildings and agile infrastructures that meet the real needs of communities.

Pomerleau’s commitment to the communities in which it operates is at the heart of the company’s business, with good governance, a dedicated team, and practices that are respectful to the environment. As one of the first construction companies to become a member of the Canada Green Building Council, Pomerleau will continue striving towards building a sustainable future for all Canadian communities.

‘’We have a vision of an innovative industry, one that is more sustainable, flexible, industrialized, inclusive and diversified. The changes are already happening, but we want to speed them up and play an active role in the economic recovery.” added Francis Pomerleau, chief executive – National Strategy.

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Featured image: Courtesy of Pomerleau


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