Infrastructure Ontario (IO) announced that Pomerleau Inc. has been selected as the preferred proponent to further develop the project requirements and design, pricing, and risk parameters for the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) redevelopment project through the upcoming Development Phase.

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and WAHA selected Pomerleau Inc. after extensive evaluations following an open, fair and competitive request for proposals process that began in January 2022. The Pomerleau team includes:

  • Applicant Leads: Pomerleau Inc.
  • Design Team: Kasian Architects Ontario Inc. and Bertrand Wheeler Architecture Inc.
  • Construction Team: Pomerleau Inc.
  • Financial Advisor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The WAHA Redevelopment Project is being procured using a new progressive public-private partnership (P3) approach, which involves both a Development Phase Agreement with the development partner and – upon the conclusion of the Development Phase – a design-build-finance P3 Project Agreement to implement the project. Infrastructure Ontario and WAHA will now work to finalize the Development Phase Agreement with Pomerleau Inc.

Pomerleau Inc. will work collaboratively with IO and WAHA under the Development Phase Agreement, as well as with the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Services Canada, to further define and refine project requirements to advance the design and confirm fixed pricing.

Beginning soon, the Pomerleau team will engage with local communities along the James Bay and Hudson Bay coasts, in order to ensure the design and development process for the project is responsive to the needs of the Indigenous communities it is intended to serve. This will include outreach to ensure Indigenous economic participation in terms of subcontracts for labour, materials, equipment, services and trades required for the project.

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WAHA provides vital health care services to people living along Ontario’s James Bay and Hudson Bay coasts, many of whom are of Cree lineage. The redevelopment project involves the construction of a new hospital, Elder Care Lodge, visitor hostel and staff accommodations, and renovation of the existing Moosonee Health Centre to accommodate mental health services in Moosonee, as well as a new Ambulatory Care Centre on Moose Factory Island. These modern facilities support WAHA’s commitment to expanding capacity and improving access to exceptional, culturally-sensitive health care for patients and clients. IO and WAHA are working with the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Services Canada to deliver this project.

Construction is expected to begin in 2024, following conclusion of the Development Phase.

Featured image: (Pomerleau Inc.)


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