The Government of Saskatchewan announced that nearly all of the 15 education infrastructure stimulus maintenance projects announced in June 2020 are complete, or will be complete, by early 2023.

In June 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan announced $25.9 million in stimulus maintenance funding to upgrade mechanical and structural components in 15 schools across the province. This investment was part of the Government’s $7.5 billion capital plan to build a strong Saskatchewan and stimulate Saskatchewan’s economy.

“Thanks to the collaborative work between school divisions, industry and the province, 80 per cent of all of the maintenance projects are complete and the majority of the capital has been invested to improve over a dozen schools in communities across the province,” Education Minister Dustin Duncan said. “These projects created job opportunities that supported our economy during the pandemic and contribute to ensuring the continued safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and school staff.”

Currently ten of the 15 projects are complete, two more are scheduled to be finished by the end of the 2022 calendar year, with the remaining three planned to be done in early 2023. The projects are located in the communities of Aberdeen, Allan, Clavet, Delisle, Gravelbourg, Hague, Harris, Hepburn, Humboldt, Langham, Meadow Lake, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Tisdale and Yorkton.

Ten projects are completed:

  • Harris-Tessier Central School in Harris, Sun West School Division – Roof replacement.
  • Swift Current Comprehensive High School, Chinook School Division – Electrical panel upgrade and asbestos remediation in mechanical room.
  • Tisdale Middle and Secondary School, North East School Division – Roof replacement.
  • Lakeview Elementary School in Meadow Lake, Northwest School Division – Roof replacement.
  • Yorkton Regional High School, Good Spirit School Division – Roof replacement.
  • Aberdeen Composite School, Prairie Spirit School Division – Roof replacement.
  • Delisle Composite School, Prairie Spirit School Division – Roof replacement.
  • Hague Elementary School, Prairie Spirit School Division – Structural repairs.
  • Hepburn School, Prairie Spirit School Division – Mechanical system upgrades and boiler replacement.
  • All facilities, Horizon School Division – Emergency LED lighting upgrades.
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Two projects are expected to be completed in December 2022:

  • Walter W. Brown School in Langham, Prairie Spirit School Division – Mechanical and building system upgrades.
  • Father Robinson School in Saskatoon, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools – Roof replacement.

And three remaining projects (currently between 80 and 90 per cent complete) are anticipated to be finished in early 2023:

  • École Mathieu de Gravelbourg, Conseil des écoles fransaskoises – Mechanical system upgrades and various building renovations.
  • Allan Composite School, Prairie Spirit School Division – Structural roof repairs, mechanical and building systems upgrades.
  • Clavet Composite School, Prairie Spirit School Division – Classroom additions and renovations along with building systems upgrades.

The projects funded through this stimulus maintenance plan were identified as priorities by school divisions in their preventative maintenance and renewal plans. This stimulus funding was provided to divisions in addition to the annual allocation of preventative maintenance funding that supports school divisions in maintaining their school facilities.

For the 2022-23 school year, the province is providing the 27 provincial school divisions with $55.9 million in preventative and emergency maintenance funding.

“The Prairie Spirit Board of Education deeply appreciates this provincial stimulus funding provided by our government as it allows for some significant and exciting improvements,” Prairie Spirit Board Chair Bernie Howe said. “We had an opportunity to tour some of the schools and see the renovations firsthand. These changes show our dedication to a safe, inclusive, and functional learning environment and we thank the province for making this possible.”

Featured image: Hague Elementary School. (Government of Saskatchewan)

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