Up until recently, construction of the South Niagara Hospital project has largely taken place below ground. That all changed this month as crews started to work on the superstructure, the part of the building that is built above the foundation level.

At its deepest point, the South Niagara Hospital basement floor is five metres below ground level. Steel piles hammered into the bedrock to support the building foundation extend an additional 18 metres below that. About 75 per cent of underground work has been completed, including stormwater and sanitary sewers, waterlines, and electrical. In May, construction on the South Niagara Hospital officially began to rise above ground. This is an exciting visual to mark the construction progress on the 1.3-million-square-foot structure.

Over the next two years, passersby will be able to watch the building grow floor by floor until it reaches its 12-storey peak at an impressive 61-metres tall. In April 2026, construction on the building structure will be complete, and only a few months later the finishes on the building‘s exterior will be complete as well.

The South Niagara Hospital project is No. 22 on ReNew Canada’s 2024 Top100 Projects report.

“We are almost a year into the construction of the South Niagara Hospital, and EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare has been making great progress,” said Patrick Topping, Director of Transaction and Construction with Niagara Health’s redevelopment team. “From a distance, it’s hard to see what’s happening during construction on the substructure, but now that crews have started work on the superstructure, changes are going to come much quicker and it will be more exciting to watch the project evolve.”

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Currently there are approximately 160 workers on-site daily, however as we get closer to peak construction periods the need for skilled labourers will continue to rise. It is anticipated there will be well over 1,000 workers on-site daily at peak times.

In February 2023, EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare (EDIH) was awarded the $3.6-billion contract to design, build, finance and maintain the hospital.

Located in Niagara Falls at the corner of Montrose and Biggar roads, the South Niagara Hospital Project is on track for completion in 2028. It will offer a full scope of hospital services, including emergency, critical care, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services, and feature Centres of Excellence in complex care, wellness in aging and stroke.

Featured image: South Niagara Hospital, May 2024. (Niagara Health)


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