Transport Canada announced an investment of up to nearly $8 million for DG CanEst Transit Inc. to update existing infrastructure and purchase new equipment for its facilities located in the Port of Montréal. The funding was provided under the National Trade Corridors Fund.

“The quality of our transportation infrastructure and the efficiency of our trade corridors are crucial to Canada’s economic success. Our government’s investment in DG CanEst Transit Inc.’s facilities will help ensure that the supply chains here in Quebec and throughout our country remain efficient and reliable.” said Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport.

The project, worth a total of $18 million, will increase the number of containers stored onsite, improve the quality of the grain-cleaning service, optimize traffic flow in the yard, and increase capacity for loading and handling containers. This will ensure critical Canadian goods, like grain and other agriproducts, can continue to be shipped reliably for import and export.

(L to R) Martin Imbleau, president and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority; Marc-Aurel Clapperton, General Manager, DG CanEst Transit Inc.; Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport; Annie Koutrakis, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport.

“We are delighted with this considerable investment, which will have an undeniable positive impact on the supply chain, and the favorable repercussions that will be felt even on farms in the Prairies, Ontario and all of Quebec. Support from the Government of Canada enables the Port of Montreal’s ecosystem to become more efficient, to the benefit of all the communities we serve from our facilities. In the end, everyone wins,” said Martin Imbleau
president and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority.

On October 6, 2022, the Minister of Transport welcomed the final report of the Supply Chain Task Force. One of the issues identified by the Task Force is that the high volume of containers arriving at Canadian ports has clogged the transportation supply chain due to insufficient warehousing and reduced transloading capacity. This funding announcement is a step towards addressing capacity constraints and infrastructure pressures at the Port of Montreal, said Algahabra

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“Today represents a significant milestone for the Canadian agri-food industry and builds upon the reputation of quality and reliability that we have worked so hard to establish with our partners. We are honoured to be entrusted with funding that will not only improve our infrastructure and capacity to serve both established and emerging markets around the globe, but will also continue to showcase Canada’s unparalleled contributions and growth to the agriculture-based economy.” said Marc-Aurel Clapperton, GM, DG CanEst Transit Inc.

Featured image: (Port of Montreal)


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