The Government of Canada, the City of Brampton and the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) announced a joint investment of $1.1 million to plan the electrification of the City of Brampton’s transit system.

Funding will support Brampton Transit as they undertake their Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy and Rollout Plan. The plan will guide Brampton’s transition to a full fleet of zero emission electric buses. The study, being undertaken by CUTRIC, includes cost and saving assessments, fleet and facility requirements, energy as a service, resourcing, risk analysis, and advanced predictive modeling for bus deployment.

“‘As we move toward the goal of a cleaner environment, a greener economy and good-paying jobs for the future, I applaud the City of Brampton to be part of the solution as the transition to zero-emission buses will provide cleaner, more efficient transportation options to residents of Brampton, and help us meet our emission reduction goals,” said Kamal Khera, Minister of Seniors and MP for Brampton West.

This is a critical milestone in the City of Brampton’s plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. The transition to zero emission buses is anticipated to cut approximately 115 tonnes of CO2 emissions per bus every year, and approximately 53,000 tonnes annually – which is the equivalent of removing 12,000 cars from the roads.

“The City of Brampton is proud to continue our collaboration with CUTRIC in their capacity as the National Zero Emission Bus Planning Service for the Government of Canada. Thank you to our federal partners for their investment in Brampton’s Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy & Rollout Plan, which is required to help us plan our transition to a full fleet of zero-emission buses in the City of Brampton. Transit electrification builds on Council’s Climate Emergency declaration in support of building a Green City, and helps to achieve the goals established by the Government of Canada including the ultimate goal of becoming net zero emissions by 2050,” Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

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“Addressing climate change and preparing for a climate-changed world starts with cities. CUTRIC is proud to work with the City of Brampton and Brampton Transit who, like us, are driven by technology and the need to trail-blaze zero-emission public transit in the country. This project will further support the transformation of Canada’s carbon mobility landscape and hopefully encourage other cities and communities to consider a clean transit overhaul of their own,” said CUTRIC president and CEO Josipa Petrunić.

Featured image: (Brampton Transit)


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