Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced an investment of $18.5 million for a project to increase transport efficiency, capacity, and security at the Port of Montréal.

“Our government is investing in the Port of Montréal’s physical and digital infrastructure to […] ensure that Canada’s transportation networks remain competitive and efficient,” Garneau said. “The investment at the Port will also help reduce congestion and truck traffic in and around its various terminals.”

The project consists of:

  • an IT system for truck logistics that allows drivers to register for access to the port’s terminals, thus increasing the flow of traffic;
  • building a railway bridge outside the truck entrance to improve truck traffic at the port;
  • deploying a series of electronic signs on the port lands that will provide real-time information for truck drivers; and
  • developing an intelligent communications network to reduce truck traffic in the vicinity of the port.

The project will create an estimated 370 jobs during construction.

The Government of Canada is supporting infrastructure projects that contribute most to Canada’s trade diversification, a key component of the National Trade Corridors Fund. This includes projects that improve the performance of the transportation system to increase the value and volume of goods exported from Canada to overseas markets.

Minister Garneau also announced $600,000 in funding for the University of Montreal to assess the impacts of climate change on the Port of Montreal’s infrastructure and determine its resilience to the effects of climate change.

This funding is a part of Transport Canada’s five-year, $16 million Transportation Assets Risk Assessment initiative to better understand climate risks to federally owned transportation assets and potential adaptation solutions.

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