Work continues to reorganize the late and over-budget North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant project with the Metro Vancouver Board approving staff to work to finalize a contract with a new general contractor: PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.

Metro Vancouver engaged professional advisors with extensive experience in major capital infrastructure projects to review the process of selecting a new contractor, and to participate in the review and assessment of all proposals submitted.

“The rigorous evaluation process emphasized the qualifications and experience of respondents, and included a fairness monitor to independently observe the fairness of the competition, and a due diligence reviewer to ensure evaluation of submissions was consistent and without bias,” said the Board in a statement.

In October 2021, Metro Vancouver provided a letter to Acciona Wastewater Solutions LP with notice of default and Metro Vancouver’s intent to terminate the contract for them to build the future North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As a first step, Metro Vancouver and PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc will work together to develop a new plan to complete the project, including developing a revised project budget and schedule.

As well, on Friday, March 25, the Board will consider an amendment to an existing contract with AECOM that will transition them to become the project’s engineer of record.

Metro Vancouver has developed a contract approach to bringing in the general contractor that allows for completion of design and progress on construction in the shortest possible time frame while still planning for tenders or work packages that could be bid on to keep overall costs of delivery competitive. The approach allows for maximum agility and opportunities for competitive pricing, and is driven by schedule without sacrificing the need for competitive pricing.

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You can access the report and presentation online here:

Featured image: (Acciona)


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