Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Tag: high-speed internet

Manitoba to provide broadband services to northern communities

The Manitoba government has signed a contribution agreement with Xplornet Communications Inc. to provide broadband services to nearly 30 First Nations and approximately 350...

Ontario launches RFQ for high-speed internet

The Ontario government is taking the next step to help bring high-speed internet access to every community by the end of 2025, with the...

Ontario partners with satellite operator to meet future connectivity needs 

The Ontario government says it is continuing to meet the rapid rise in demand for high-speed connectivity by investing more than $109 million in...

Improved high-speed internet for 280,000 Ontario residents

The governments of Canada and Ontario announced a historic agreement to bring high-speed internet to nearly 280,000 rural Ontario households in hundreds of communities...

Connectivity upgrade projects completed in remote B.C. communities

Rural and Indigenous communities in British Columbia are benefiting from recently improved high-speed internet upgrades, part of provincial investments for connectivity infrastructure projects. Two connectivity...

High-speed internet now in every Northwest Territories community

Federal, territorial, community and private sector leaders are celebrating the completion of the Northwest Territories (NWT) Broadband Infrastructure project that saw every NWT community...